Sunday, 26 June 2011

Dr Who Carnival Adventures.

Every year there is a small community carnival in our area & now being involved with our local scout troop we had the pleasure of being involved. This years theme was space & time so the kids put their heads together & came up with our Dr Who theme.

We all worked hard making costumes & it all came together perfectly when a friend offered some Dr Who props to adorn our float. So not only did we have lots of characters spanning the decades of this awesome TV show we also had a very authentic Tardis, Dalek & K-9!

Well I am pleased to say our group took first place in the awards for the 2nd year running & a lovely day was had by all. My 9yr old didn't want to get dressed up so he was officially left in charge of photo taking & I wanted to share with you some of his pictures. He does quite well & looks for pictures to take that are a little different too. I think it is time we invested in a

camera of his own.

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misty said...

Looks like so much fun!