Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Secret To Finding Time To Scrap!

I did it I worked out the secret. All we keen scrapaholics need to do is become insomniacs! EASY?! LOL. It's been such a long time since I had the opportunity to scrap although I have always had good intentions actually taking the time to sit down & do something always results in the kids shouting MAM & disturbing the peace until I give in & neglect my poor scrap room once again.

I have been suffering this past fortnight with the worst cold I think I have ever encountered. Losing a lot of sleep & trying to make up for it during the day & basically knocking my body clock into reverse. So last night I gave in & decided enough was enough & an all night session was called for to get back on track. As you can imagine I had a good 10hrs to fill but that was easier than I thought. First I tackled the housework by 8pm everyone was fed & happy & the whole house was vacuumed from top to bottom, so once the kids passed out I moved onto the quieter things, ironing, dusting, sorting laundry, dishes, school uniforms, packed lunches, that kind of thing. Then I tackled the ever filling memory on my TV recorder. I caught up with a good 10hrs worth of programs in a few hours, oh the luxury of a fast forward button to skip the ads! Then I realised the only thing I could do & really ENJOY in the peace & quiet of the dead of night was hit my scrap room. So I did just that, using The Color Room Palette #85 for inspiration this is what I achieved & I just love how it turned out. As you know a feminine page is a challenge for me but this was simple it just came together so fast I knew before my bottom hit my chair exactly what I wanted to do.

I can only pick one fault with this page, in my hazy state of mind I stamped the wrong date for the picture, but I was only a day out. This picture was taken at my sons 6th birthday party this year & my other dogs birthday is the day before my sons, so instead of stamping the 11th I stamped the 10th but never mind.

Lets hope I can get more time to scrap without having to feel ill & lose sleep to do so! I am hoping for this cold to pass as soon as possible. I didn't realise how bad I had got until my darling husband compared sharing our bed with me to sleeping with Darth Vader!

Happy scrapping folks & thank you for stopping by!