Thursday, 27 January 2011

How much would you pay?

I wanted to throw the question out there - How much would you pay for a magazine just for the free gift on the cover?
I find myself buying magazines more for the so called 'freebies' than the magazine itself, this has even spread to magazines I have no interest in like jewelry making for beads & most recently a knitting mag that was giving away wooden knitting pins.
These magazines are £3-£5 a time & I'm starting to wonder if it would be easier to just get online & research the item that has taken my fancy. Maybe I can get it cheaper elsewhere.
What do you think? Are you guilty of this too?
Thanks for stopping by, I hope to be scrapping again soon. My dining room come scrap space is now officially becoming my scrap room at the minute so I have no where to work on things. I'm so excited that I'm finally going to have my own space!!! My first investment is going to be a bolt for the door to keep the kids out, he he. I will keep you posted on the progress.
Have a good weekend folks
Ali x

Friday, 14 January 2011

Digital ~ 1st Attempt

Hi guys & girls. I couldn't sleep tonight so I decided, although I have said in the past, digi doesn't interest me to give it a go. So here is the basic layout I came up with. I really like this kit available from but I found it so frustrating. Finding my way around photoshop was OK I managed but only just. What I need is some advice about how to re size the page so I can share it in my online galleries. It uploads here fine but on other sites I get a picture is too big error message. I know some of you will dabble in the world of digi so any advice, hints or tips would be very much appreciated.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Dear blog, please forgive me!

Dear Blog,
Please forgive me for I have neglected you terribly these past couple of months. Now the holidays are over I can concentrate on getting back to scrapping & paying you a bit more attention. Have you missed me, I'm sorry if you have. I have missed you more than you will ever know. I hope we can have a fantastic time in the upcoming year & will be back to post more soon. In fact I have already created my first layout & card of 2011. But I cannot share then here yet because they are for a very special friend across the pond.
Best wishes for 2011,
Love from
Ali x
P.S. While I was missing in action you had your 1,000 visitor, well done you!