Friday, 14 January 2011

Digital ~ 1st Attempt

Hi guys & girls. I couldn't sleep tonight so I decided, although I have said in the past, digi doesn't interest me to give it a go. So here is the basic layout I came up with. I really like this kit available from but I found it so frustrating. Finding my way around photoshop was OK I managed but only just. What I need is some advice about how to re size the page so I can share it in my online galleries. It uploads here fine but on other sites I get a picture is too big error message. I know some of you will dabble in the world of digi so any advice, hints or tips would be very much appreciated.

1 comment:

ms.schwiet said...

wish i had more money, more time, and more guts to try out digis....wonderful first ever u look like you've been at it forever