Tuesday, 23 March 2010

~ The Sketch Pad ~

It is week 9 over at ~The Sketchpad~ & above is this weeks sketch. I just wanted to share this sketch with you & a little story about how I became interested in creating sketches recently.

On bonfire night we moved over 300miles away to a new home, a military quarter on the south coast of England. Any of you who have lived in a military home will know just how splendid the curtains that come with these accommodations are. I was lying awake in bed one night when i realised the pattern on the curtains looked just like mini sketches. Instantly I got out my notebook & pen & began copying them down. You may laugh at this I know I thought it funny to begin with & even asked my friends if i was going crazy. I realised that this was not the case & that my hobby of scrap booking had taught me to see opportunity & detail in everything around me including my bedroom curtains. This sketch is one of nine basic sketches which I think give a perfect inspiration for negative space pages or even minis used to make cards. Using more Bo Bunny Flutter Butter scraps here is the page this sketch inspired me to create.

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Travis and Kira said...

I love this design and your work! Please check out my blog too, it is www.mytearbears.blogspot.com