Monday, 11 October 2010

Scrapbooking or Card Making?

I'm curious what others prefer I haven't scraped for months apart from the last few projects posted here which were done one weekend in August. My mojo never left I just can't seem to make time for these things. I decided to ease my self back in gently when a friend asked me if I could make a birthday card for her sister. I ended up getting carried away & making a card & my first ever chipboard album. I will share those with you guys later in the week. Now I have found my USB cable I can finally upload & share with you what I have been working on.

So it turns out I quite enjoy a spot of card making & I can accomplish more in a smaller space of time & have decided to squeeze in a card a day from now until the end of November which will result in 50 cards in 50 days. To help keep me motivated I have started this as a sketch based challenge over at & hope the fabulous ladies there can keep me going the theme of my cards will be Christmas because I haven't even started this years batch & my card list just keeps on growing.

So here is what I accomplished today.
DAY 1/50

Also I had a couple of card requests from a friend, so I managed to get those finished too. Here they are just for sharing.

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