Wednesday, 22 April 2009

To rant or not to rant!?

I'm new to this whole blogging malarkey and not sure yet whether I'm here for a 'rant of the day' or if this is my subconscious looking for a new creative outlet. I spend my days running after children and working. Its hard work don't be fooled. Some days I spend the whole day without a crossed word between myself and another adult. I feel like I'm talking to the wall talking to my kids they are neither old enough or wise enough to realise that mummy needs to talk. I am what most would describe as a chatterbox and i can and will talk for England given the opportunity. I need to pour myself out and as the plain old pen and paper are too much like hard work have decided to delve into the world of blogging. I like to think I'm moving with the times but maybe I'm just jumping on the band wagon a little too late as per usual.

So here i am, not sure why I'm here yet. But hopefully in time i can decide what the purpose of this blog is and hopefully i will not rant too much. Just a little incite into my mind is the aim of this i think. Providing myself with a daily wind down and pouring my thoughts and feelings onto the screen in an attempt to ease my stress.

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